Edmonton, Alberta

Bird Counts

Scientists who study birds are called "ornithologists." Over the last number of decades, members of the general public who are bird watchers ranging from back yard bird feeders, to "birders" with varying degrees of experience, have been recruited by ornithologists to collect information they are seeing from back yard bird feeders, to bird watching trips into the fields and forests across this continent. 

Information on bird sightings, including location, time of year, and species has been used for decades to understand changes to the environment, and behaviour of birds as they migrate and take residence in different parts of the country.

In Canada, just such information has been used to develop Environment Canada's State of Canada's Birds 2012.

This part of our website covers a number of the bird counts that are conducted in our area.

The great thing about these counts is that anyone can be involved, from back yard bird feeders, to anyone with an interest and ability to identify birds.