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How to Enjoy Feeding the Birds in the Summer

Bird feeding isn’t just a winter hobby. By continuing to feed your birds in spring and summer, you have the greatest opportunity to attract the widest variety of birds to your yard and feeders.

Access to abundant and healthy food supplies is important to birds…regardless of the season. Bird feeders provide a portion of these important nutritional needs for your backyard birds throughout the year. Birds with access to backyard feeders benefit greatly from their ability to spend less time foraging for food and more time engaging in activities that enhance their health and safety.

Baby Birds Eat Suet

Check out Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter

Downy Woodpecker feeding Downy baby,  Spreadable Bark Butter

Downy Woodpecker Baby Being Fed Bark Butter by Downy Father - Bark Butter Tub $16.99

and Birdy Birthday Cake Suet

Birdy Birthday Cake Suet

Specially formulated for baby birds. Birdy Birthday Cake Suet $5.99



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