Edmonton, Alberta

Premium Concrete Bird Baths 

We are proud to offer these beautiful art pieces made in Saanichton, British Columbia. Cast in concrete, manufactured from proprietary blends of concrete with unique weather resistant finishes, these pieces may be left outdoors in all weather. We recommend the bath bowls be turned upside down or stored in your garage in winter.

Contact the store to confirm availability and price - 587-521-2473. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices current as of May 18, 2017. Not all baths currently in stock are pictured here. Check in store for other designs.

Tall Bird Baths

These classic baths come in four designs: Dragonfly (shown), Hummingbird, Butterfly, and Frog. There are three finishes available (see below). Dimensions for the Tall Baths are W19" X D19" X H27" weight: 100 lb (2 pieces). These baths will beautify your yard for years to come.  

Price $199

Tall Dragonfly Birdbath (shown in Ancient Stone)

Inserts from top: Butterfly (shown in York Stone), Frog (shown in York Stone), Hummingbird (shown in Western Slate) 

Stone Finishes

Please note we do not have all baths in all finishes. 

Small Bird Baths

Similar to the Tall Bird Baths above but a little shorter, the Small Bird Baths' dimensions are W19" X D19" X H20" weight: 90 lb (2 pieces).

Price $159

Curved Hummingbird Bench

This elegant bench matches our Hummingbird Baths above. A beautiful piece on its own, a timeless set when paired with the Bath.

Designed to be left outdoors in all weather, year round. 

Price $319

Dimensions: W50" X D15 1/2" X H17" weight: 205 lb (3 pieces) (shown in Ancient Stone)

Slate Birdbath

A popular choice, this bath has the timeless look of real slate. 

Price $199

Dimensions: W24" X D17" X H23" weight: 100 lb (2 pieces) (shown in Western Slate)

Frog Bowl  

A whimsical addition to your garden, two frogs bathe in a graceful bowl.

Price $94  

Dimensions: W13" X D13" X H6" weight: 40 lb

Gallé Birdbath

All one piece featuring a dragonfly and flower motif.

Price: Out of Stock 

Dimensions: W11" X D11" X H17" weight: 70 lb (shown in York Stone)

Quadrato Birdbath

Squared corners for a classic look. 

Price: $159 - Out of stock

Dimensions: W16" X D16" X H19" weight: 75 lb (2 pieces) (shown in York Stone)

Oak Leaf Birdbath 

Oak leaves adorn the rim. A perfect bath for birds. 

Price $189

Dimensions: W19" X D19" X H22" weight: 100 lb (2 pieces) (shown in Ancient Stone)

Hortus Reginae Birdbath 

This "Queen of the Garden" is an elegant tall beauty. A best-seller that will be the focal point of your garden. 

Price $269 (King of the Garden version $269)

Dimensions: W15" X D15" X H32" weight: 160 lb (2 pieces) (shown in Western Slate)