Certify your garden as a “Wildlife-friendly Habitat"

Can one person make a difference for wildlife? Absolutely.

A great place to start is in the garden. By garden, we mean any outdoor space that is influenced by a green (or not so green!) thumb. Everything from veggie gardens to water gardens, acres of land to containers on a patio, a meadow maintained for butterflies to a curated perennial bed, shoreline properties to urban plots – all outdoor spaces can help wildlife. No matter your location, level of experience, garden style or budget, your garden can be beautiful and beneficial for wildlife.

By joining Canadians who make their gardens wildlife-friendly, you help increase suitable habitat for local and migratory wildlife, some of which may be species at risk. As more land is developed for human activities, each wildlife-friendly garden is a haven that can act as a stepping stone between larger areas of habitat, essential for many species’ survival.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Garden Habitat Certification recognizes Canadians who make their home, school, business or community gardens suitable for wildlife by certifying their outdoor space as a “Wildlife-friendly Habitat”. Those who certify are eligible to purchase an exclusive sign for their garden and will be among the first to learn about new garden content and opportunities from CWF.



To qualify for Garden Habitat Certification, your outdoor space must meet the needs of wildlife. Chances are you already have many of these elements and practices in place:

  • One or more sources of water
  • One or more sources of food
  • One or more sources of shelter
  • Use earth-friendly gardening practices to maintain your yard