Fun Facts about Pine Grosbeaks

 - Pine Grosbeaks are part of the finch family.  They are a larger, robin-sized bird, with bright colouring.  Mature males have a rosy red head, underparts, and back.  Females and immature males have a rusty crown, face and rump.  Notice the two white wing bars on each bird.

 - They are an irruptive species, following food sources throughout their habitat, typically spruce-fir forests.

 - During the winter, these birds form small groups and forage together.

 - Pine Grosbeak forage on buds, berries, and seeds, but happily visit backyard bird feeders throughout the winter.

 - Females incubate blueish green eggs in a nest made of twigs, moss, and fur, for 13-15 days.

 - Similar species include the White-winged Crossbill, which is much smaller, and the Evening Grosbeak.

 -  Pine Grosbeaks eat snow or drink water on a daily basis, and will happily munch on sunflower seeds and suet.

 - A larger tube feeder, platform style feeder, or hopper feeder will accommodate Pine Grosbeaks.

 - It is estimated that Pine Grosbeak populations have declined 70% since 1966.