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Bird Food Preference Guide

Bird Food Preference Guide

*Includes Pine Siskins, Juncos, Redpolls

** Chopped


This chart shows the types of birds and the food they enjoy. When considering the kind of bird food you purchase, consider the contents and the food value to the birds. The same principles that apply to the foods we eat apply to birds and other animals. Good quality food in the right proportions makes a difference to survival and health.


Here is a summary of food values that appear in the chart above.


Bird Food Values

The circled numbers indicate where the primary value of each type of food lies for the birds. Birds get more energy value with foods from the top of the list, even if they may also eat the food further down. Cereal grains such as wheat, oats, barley, etc are not preferred by most feeder birds, which is why you will often see these seeds tossed on the ground under your feeder.